Lucky Numbers – T&Cs

1. Membership is open to anyone aged  sixteen (16)  or over.  Each member will agree to pay £1 per month for each number allocated. Payment will be by monthly standing order on or before 20th of each month.  A member may “purchase” as many numbers as they wish.  

2. Each member will be allocated a draw number(s) which they will keep for the duration of their membership.

3. Only those who have paid by the 20th of each month will have their numbers entered in the draw.  Winning numbers will be generated by the Random Integer Generator.

4. The prize draw will take place on the last Saturday of each month.  Winners will be notified and payment will be made by electronic bank transfer.  The winning numbers be published on our website and in our newsletters.

5. The monthly prize pot will be 40% of the monthly receipts, with prizes awarded as follows; 1st Prize 50% of the pot, 2nd and 3rd prizes each  25%of the pot.

6. The remaining 60% of the month’s payment shall be used towards funding the refurbishment of Springfield Community Centre.

7. The SCA Board’s decision on all matters is final.

8. In joining this Lottery all members agree to abide by these Rules.

9. Each member will receive a copy of the rules and through their monthly payment will be deemed to have accepted them.

10. To cancel their membership a member should advise SCA before the 20th of the month. Any unpaid allocated number will not be eligible for a prize.