Our history

The Institute, pictured below, was located on the edge of Springfield Park and stood on the site of the current Community Centre for many years. It was used for leisure and recreation by the local community.

In the aftermath of the horrors of the First World War ex-Servicemen and their families in Forest Hall and Westmoor came together to build a memorial to their fallen friends and family members. This memorial was in or near the grounds of the Institute.

In the late 1950’s the property was handed over to the local council because the organisation managing it had become weaker and could no longer afford to maintain the building.

After being in use for many years the Institute was burned down in the early 1980’s in an arson attack. The loss of this amenity galvanised local residents into action and they got together to campaign for a replacement. As a result the current Community was built and the original War Memorial was sited in front of the Centre. Unfortunately that original memorial had itself been vandalised and has been replaced by a new memorial (pictured above) as part of the commemoration of the start of World War One in 1914.